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Ingredients : Defatted soya flour.

Papad Aata
Ingredients :

Papad Masala
Ingredients : U dad Dal, Salt, Fulkhar, black Pepper, Compounded Asafetida.

Moog Special Papad
Ingredients : Pluses of Moog & Urad, Salt, Asofoetida, Ediable veg, oils, Parthan of wheat, Black  Peeper and Gram Flour.

Urad Papad
Ingredients : Black Germs pulse flour, Black Pepper, Salt, Papad Khar, Edible oil & Asafetida (HIng)

Disco Papad
Ingredients : Black Germ flour, Rice flour, Iodised Salt, Papad Khar, Black Pepper, Edible Vegetable Oil, safoelida.

Tikali Papad
Ingredients : Pulses of Moong and Urad, Salt, Asofoetida, Edible veg, oils, Parthan of wheat, black Pepper & Gram Flour.
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